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Many of us feel uncomfortable sharing our special legal issues with just any lawyer. My office provides an informal, relaxed atmosphere where you will meet with me to make important decisions about your life, your loved ones, your assets and your property.

Prior to making an appointment to see me, you will have the opportunity to discuss your concerns with me personally on the telephone. I provide confidential legal services in the areas of Estate Planning (Will and Trusts), Planning for Incapacity (Healthcare Surrogate Designations), Living Wills and Durable Powers of Attorney), Probate, Trust Administration, Prenuptial Agreements, Domestic Partnership Agreements, Real Estate Matters and Bankruptcy.

Enjoy my website, and get an overview of some questions you may have about choosing an attorney, fees and rates, estate planning issues, and to learn about my background. My books are also available for review and purchase at Amazon.
You can also read some articles I wrote:

You will also find other articles of general interest to our community, and the Broward County Domestic Partnership Act, which I co-wrote and was enacted in 1999.

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